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Noh, Notorious: Protein Pancakes

Hello there! How are you? Below you will find a handful of my most favorite Protein Pancake recipes I’ve created thus far.

Didn’t know I was in the business of pancake games? Don’t worry, I almost forgot for a minute there too.

Since moving to California I have been able to pursue so many of my other hobbies and interest…SO, instead of watching all my “worthy of eye’s” and “deserving of love” pancake recipes get buried in my Instagram feed  (psst…FOLLOW ME!) one post at a time, I am putting them all on one page: their own space in the shadow box.

**I also have an extremely embarrassing YOUTUBE VIDEO of me making the pancakes which can be found HERE. **

Each recipe is made with a similar concept…
Egg, protein powder, Gluten Free Bobs Red Mill oats, water/almond milk…go into the blender.  🌪
Protein sauce (add TINIEST bit of water), fruit, peanut butter ect. on top 🔝

Enjoy! I love you guys so much!!  (There, I said it)

The Strawberry Blonde
💪🏼In the Blender 🌪
-1/4 cup @bobsredmill old fashions gluten free oats
-1 egg 🥚
-35g Vanilla Cake Protizyme
– 1/2 cup water
On top 🔝
-17g Strawberry Protizyme (itty bitty bitty amount of water added!!) **
-17g @peanutbutterco Dark Chocolate Pb 👌🏼

•The Banana Rama
💪🏼In the Blender 🌪
20g Chocolate Cake Protizyme
48g Bobs RedMill Gluten Free old fashioned oats
1 egg
1/2 cup water
As much Isopure Cookie’s and Cream sweetener as your little heart desires
On The Top 🔝
76g sliced banana
15g Chocolate Cake Protizyme

•The New Old Fashion, in Fashion
💪🏼In the Blender 🌪
25g @metabolicnutrition Vanilla cake Protizyme
1/3 cup Bobs Red Mill oats
60g unsweetened vanilla almond milk
46g liquid egg whites
1 tsp maple extract
Blend together, add water if needed or to adjust desired batter consistency.
•On top 🔝
10g vanilla cake Protizyme mixed with a few drop of water
17g @justins Vanilla almond butter.

•The PB&J (Cohen)
30C 6F 29P
💪🏼In the Blender 🌪
20g @metabolicnutrition vanilla cake protizyme
46g liquid egg whites
26g oats
1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

•On top and in-between  🔝

17g @smuckersbrand sf strawberry jelly🍓
12g @peanutbutterco vanilla powdered peanut butter
And an unidentified amount of @waldenfarmsinternational marshmallow dip

•Chocolate Pumpkin Pecan
💪🏼In the Blender 🌪
1 Egg🍳
20g @metabolicnutrition Butter Pecan Cookie Protein
1/3 cup oats
2Tbs @skinnymixes Pumpkin Sf syrup
Adjust water to pancake consistency

•Mix batter in blender and go about cooking as you would with regular pancakes

For the toppings 🔝

1Tbs Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter  @peanutbutterco
15g Chocolate cake #protizyme
@waldenfarmsinternational maple walnut syrup.

•Chocolate Covered Strawberry
💪🏼In the Blender 🌪
20g Strawberry Protizyme
1 whole egg
2oz water
1/3 cup Bobs Red Mill oats

Top with 🔝
1TBS White Chocolate Wonderful peanutbutter
15g Chocolate Cake Protizyme
Sugar Free Hershey chocolate Syrup

I hope you enjoy some of these!
okee, BYE! ❤


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