Body Dysmorphia: The Little Girl Who Saw Monsters In The Mirror

img_0940When I look at this picture and think about my body dysmorphia I think about how far “we” have come with it, and yet how much it still eats at me and hold me back. Over the years I’ve introduced exposure therapy tactics in hopes to force myself to grow.  To be honest, 2017 is the first year that I have ever been able to see myself. Up until now, I have lived not knowing what I look like. I never took the time to look, nor did I want to. This is how I can tell I’m making progress. I am able to see myself in a less distorted way.

I remember the onset of the dysmorphia was around age 8, after being made aware of our body differences, when I was told I would never have a”figure” like of one of my friends did. (I WAS TOLD THIS BY AN ADULT.)

Throughout my childhood, teens and early 20’s I was made sure to be reminded of my “larger ears” and “prominent nose” and “long limbs” and my “overall unflattering body shape.” WTF!?

After creating a silhouette portrait project with the overhead projection for a class required project in 5th grade, I was told that I did not have the “Perfect Profile” because my nose stuck out further than my chin. And according to “Them”, a perfect model’s nose lines up with her chin and it is imperfect otherwise.
As a teenager, I was told, “SUCK IT IN SASHA” constantly. This sounds somewhat funny now, maybe because it has a certain ring to it like it could be the name of a song. But then, at that time…it’s wasn’t. It hurt so much.  Walking into a room, my eyes were often the last thing “They” made eye contact with. My body, my stomach, alway made the appearance fist. “They” stopped seeing me, they only saw my “imperfections”.
I have been told by multiple people that “You are the ugliest person I have ever seen” and told how “stupid I was”. Growing up with learning disabilities helped contribute to my low self esteem and lack of worth. A constant reminder about how different I was, and always quationed “Why can you be more like ‘so and so'”
So, I made the choice in 2010 that I was not going to live my life like this forever and I was not going to give up on myself. But I did it all backward. 
I’ve forced myself to do all these uncomfortable and awful things trying to fix my outsides, in hopes of feeling LOVED AND FEELING GOOD ENOUGH! I wanted to feel accepted and beautiful. I wanted to think I was beautiful. I wanted to stop avoiding mirrors because I was afraid of what I was going to see. I wanted to stop spending hours in front of mirrors checking on “Flaws”, ritually looking at my stomach and my nose in bathroom mirrors after every time I ate, woke up or went out. Checking to make sure I didn’t get fat, because my worth and my mood was based on what my stomach looked like. I JUST WANTED IT TO STOP. Stop being a prisoner to the mirror and my mind. 
I thought for so long that changing my appearance would healing my insides.
It didn’t.
After 7 years of torturing myself with diets, exercise and trying to change my body, I’ve begun to accept that no matter how I appear on the outside, it will never undo and never fix the girl on the inside. I spent so much time planning my cosmetic surgeries, never going through with them because I was afraid that I would hate those too. Because they were still me but also because they weren’t really me. I would feel like a fraud. Knowing who I truly was behind the alterations (the ugly I was hiding). I didn’t go through with them because I would be proving “THEM” all right. That I had surrendered to the fact that I did need to change my appearance to be accepted by “THEM”.
I KNOW I could buy/build a new body but that would never truly be ME. I could never be loved for ME, the way I was born, if I changed me. I could never feel loved as me, knowing that I tricked people into believing I was someone else. With different features, a different nose, a different body. Succumbing to “expectations.
 I spent years avoiding eye contact with people because I thought that by keeping my head down and eyes down no one would see me. The good old Ostrich self-defense mechanism.
The journey continued…

-I forced myself to diet and train when I became over weight because it MADE me leave my house and be uncomfortable.  Because I felt unworthy overweight. 

-I forced myself to eat more to put on size after struggling with, ANOTHER, eating disorder and orthorexia and fat burner supplement abuse. Because it scared the shit out of me and I was truly killing myself. I was in so much pain I that I cried every day for years! 
-I  re “#gainedtheweight” because I was made to think that my body was not good enough because now I was too skinny. 

-I made the conscious decision to expose my body to 100s of people by doing something I never thought I would ever do. Competing, modeling, and acting (wearing crop tops and sandals) Because the thought of people seeing my body and my face physically made me sick.

And now I write, to expose my truths. To untangling the knots the have prevented me from moving forward. There is a mess in here, and I am determined to clean it up.



6 thoughts on “Body Dysmorphia: The Little Girl Who Saw Monsters In The Mirror

  1. Dear Sasha, you are wonderful🦄. This was the first blog I’ve ever read and it is heavy subject matter but so so beautiful and empowering of a story.
    Its has made me think a lot over the last few days. One mad idea it’s brought up is “what if people just didn’t have words!?” I’m weird I know🙈 but words are just sharp and so many of them get thrown at us. I was sheltered from negativity as a kid so I guess reading this made me realize just how destructive and misleading words can be, especially for young people. And words eat away at adults too, even if our hides are tougher. You pay for what you get, but also you get stronger, and you prove that!
    Okay so I just want you to know that first and foremost I have listened to what you said here and it has helped me 💚
    That being said, I’m almost worried that I have to much to share😜 and honestly that it’s maybe not my place to speak up, but you make me feel safe to talk.
    Everyone is able to appreciate you (or is unable to appreciate you) in their own specific ways and through their own personal filters.
    What I’ve found from struggling (against my own point of view and also against others…) is that there’s not much you can do to actively change someone’s perception in the short term.
    But still, it is not easy for a sensitive and loving person who just wants to help everyone. I’ve always just wanted to understand, and to be accepted. Facing personal judgment and also bearing witness to other people under negative scrutiny, has always felt super painful to me! It has literally made me want to change who I am at the core, so that I could fit in more. Popped me and sent me flying in a hundred directions, then left me on the party floor🎈.
    I am so sorry that any child has to face this type things😥.
    For a kid who doesn’t have a solid concept of the emotional weight which many adults carry and put on to each other. I can’t imagine how much it tears you apart and makes you question everything.
    I had an easy childhood but life has gotten really painful in the last few years. So hearing you’re story gives me hope. You carried on so far in the darkness without ever fading at all 💪.
    From your childhood pictures, the willingness you show to try anything, all your beautiful protein baking! the integrity you, uh have… Well from all this and more, it’s just so easy to see that you have always been a beautiful person, your passionate soul, active mind, strong body, genuine kindness🙌 and how you just wrestle with all these demons and always find a way to come out on top.
    I think you are just not willing to Not be yourself 🖤
    And that’s what’s up 🤓
    Also just genuinely… I have always been super attracted to girls with big strong noses and dark hair, I’ve fantasized most my life about elven eared princesses from books and also just about real life chicks who are badass!
    I don’t need to tell you this☺️ but I want to be real about it because,
    I think it’s important for everyone to know that these things which we may struggle to love about ourselves can be so easily cherished in other persons eyes!
    Your writing is helping me think positively and just making me think a lot! I really appreciate how honest you are about your life experience, I feel like relating to it gives me insight to understand myself (as a fellow human). Thank for making me feel this freaking inspired!!! 🐶

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  2. Dear Sasha, I greatly admire your perspective, drive and working through very hard issues. You look great, you always did, and I’m really sorry people ever lied to you and said you were ugly. Even if you were you’d be a great person, but you never were, and yet I totally get the body dysmorphia thing and I think anyone who reads this will understand it much better. Power to you – and respect.

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    1. Wow. Thank you so much. This was such a nice message to open up. Have you experienced similar hardships in your life as well? The world can be cruel, yet it is all so beautiful at the same time. It’s interesting how the chaos of it all can simultaneously co-exist.

      Thank you again for taking the time to read my post and for leaving your thoughts. I greatly appreciate it.

      sending love ❤

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      1. Yes you are so right Sasha, the world can be very cruel, people like you make it more tolerable though. Keep doing what you do it DOES help. Plus you are one of the true ones and we need more of them.

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