Quitting: How to Get Nowhere Fast

img_0749I used to sing, dance and act; I also used to play soccer and baseball. When I was a child I was a competitive equestrian horseback rider. That’s right. Equestrian. I learned to rock wall climb and fence, I even went to synchronized swimming classes, learned to sail, ice skate, snowboard, salsa dance and played the trombone. Oh, did I also mention I was a gymnast and cheerleader? OH and aerial acrobat?
Did I mention the sewing lessons?…
“In life we are handed the pieces; it’s up to us to finish the puzzle.” -Me
I participated in many plays and productions. Performed in concerts and won prizes and trophies, but each one I soon after quit. As a child and still to this day, I have always been the type of person to be good at something I try. Not great, just good. And once the natural talents rubbed off, I would be left standing there debating and refusing to put in the impending work. Just when things got too uncomfortable. Instead of pushing myself to work harder and practice more I would just quit. Nope, didn’t want to do it anymore, always hated it, and never liked it, done. I’m quitting. And like a brat, I’d trot off to try something else.
This has left me to be a real jack of all trades and a master of none.
As an adult though I have been able to use these lessons. I know now that nothing worth having comes easy and frankly, nothing comes at all if you quit. I have learned how good it feels to set goals and fight for them. I know what it feels like to push myself off my lazy ass.
If I had not quit playing the piano as a teenager I would have a decade of experience already, I could potentially be writing my own music. I always keep this scenario in mind.
                        And the irony of it all is that the only thing I just about haven’t quit is working out/ bodybuilding. Which happens to be one of the most uncomfortable activities you could participate it. Hot, sweaty, sticky, smelly, muscle cramps, spasms and burning. Heavy breathing, dieting, bulking. I mean really…what’s wrong with me. Not to mention the crippling next day soreness.


But by not giving up on my mental and physical success, so many amazing opportunities have presented themselves. This has shown me the benefits of “nothing worth having comes easy” and that there is growth in pain. 
Ask yourself where you would be if you hadn’t given up?
So what quitting has taught me is… you get nowhere real quick. You miss out on proving yourself wrong, learning from your mistakes, and losing out on experience. You grow with regrets instead of victories and “what ifs” instead of confidence. The importance of the TRY is everything and the importance of the FAIL is LIFE CHANGING.
You see, we fall into holes along our way. Trying to step over quicksand as we venture through “The Bog Of Stench” to our dreams. Getting stuck in the bear trap of discomfort and shaking our leg madly in its grasp of illusions.
Life is like a puzzle. This is why is important to keep the big picture in mind as you scavenge for the right pieces to fit into one another. 1,000 little pieces scattered about, a mess on your floor (yes, you on the floor as a mess). I could relate this metaphor to a coloring book, hence life is an uncolored image that you fill in as you please, but I already started with the puzzle so…
        …We start with the puzzle box, we will call this interest. From the box we move to the individual pieces, which we will call this awareness. Aware of all the piecing together that must be done to create the whole. From the pieces we will move to the placement of piece one, we will call this intention. From intention we stagger with persistence, frustration, and doubt. “ How am I even going to…, I’ll never figure it out…, ugh there’s a piece missing now. Great, I’m screwed”. In a fit of sweat and tears and you’ve been freaking out for an hour, you discover moments later that all along the piece you lost was stuck to your left butt cheek, which you had been sitting on this whole time!…
Keep the big beautiful puzzle box picture in front of you, your end goal. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a mess on the floor. An unfinished masterpiece.
In life we are handed the pieces; it’s up to us to finish the puzzle. We don’t get to view the end result “for reals”, we only get to imagine it. It can be whatever we want it to be, but it’s your job to create it.

9 thoughts on “Quitting: How to Get Nowhere Fast

    1. Hey! Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked the read!! Starting and quitting is like my specialty lol I’ve been working really hard on that aspect of my life. It’s rough, but it can be done! What have you started and quit? And what are your hobbies? ❤


      1. Haha same. Guitar, swimming, dance, gymnastics, yoga, eating healthily… college -.- I’ve just started ballet very recently, (I’m 20), as well as contemporary dance so I’m determined to stick at that. My hobbies are cycling, walking, eating, and chilling tbh!

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      2. That is awesome!! I love ballet, it’s so beautiful and ellegant. My mother was a professional ballerina. I really let her down on that one! I wish I never quit. Don’t give up on your self!! ❤ Haha and eating is definitely one of my favorite hobb
        ies to!


  1. Your awesome & always so motivating!!!!!! ❤️ I really want to start getting back in shape and stick to it like you’ve done! I just feel like I can’t do it alone and will never stick to it! 😥 That stresses me out a lot…

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    1. You can do it!!!! And hi don’t have to start alone!! Can you bring a friend? Or start with a free training consolation? Also, don’t think about being alone at the gym as a bad thing. Use it as a way to connect with yourself, your music and your muscles. Use it as a meditative space. Just for you 🖤


  2. Lol = ) I’m the same way about this Sasha and you are so encouraging! My parents just let me run around free in the woods untill I started public middle school in 8th grade, but since then I’ve had my own list of “goals” some things that I’m naturally good at like track or wanting to be a police officer but also some things that I just felt presseured into by the stereotypical image of what America asks a man to be. And I’m not the type of person to say no when I’m asked for things… So I’ve set out to become everything from electrician😴 to MMA fighter🤕. But for some reason personal exercise has always been the thing to keep me, its been my rock, in a sense it is how I train for everything else in life, it feels so natural to burn calories so that you can get more calories 🤤🤤🤤.
    After almost 24 years of trouble shooting, thinking I’m the best and then walking away just before I fall on my face… I feel like I’m finally narrowing in on the things that I can’t let go of and I’m building my dreams around them. I am paying respect to the time and effort it takes to truly master anything in this world. Although I feel like a super late bloomer, I still feel very youthful and inspired. I still love everything!!! but I’ve finally found those things that I cant let live without, at the core I need honestly, exercise, expression and attention. And I’ve found some really cool careers that will involve all of these, I’m going to be an actor and a poet and share upfront my views through art. I am also going to be a teacher of early childhood education, which is basically just inspiring kids and encouraging a good attitude and emotional health.
    So that’s been my path so far and its so cool and inspiring to see you, maybe a little further down your own = ). I’ve told you this before but for me it is your honesty that makes everything you post priceless, I am going to stick around and appreciate that forever 🐶.
    And gosh if I enjoy sharing this much then maybe I should write a blog of my own sometime and maybe I will 🖤🖤🖤 but honestly for now I just feel like sharing these things with you!


    1. I love this!!! And thank you so much for sharing. I really appreaciate the connection! It’s so rewarding. And as far as being a late bloomer…you are so much father along than you think you are. I am 27. I still don’t know what I am doing. Which is why I have begun to write my story, in hopes of developing the next chapter.

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  3. Why thank you! I’m glad you think so = ) and I do feel like I’m on the right path so I will try to not be so hard on myself. You are difinitly doing great work on writing your own story! And sometimes it takes a long time to sit and reflect on pains before we can move forward without the fear caused by them 🖤

    Writing is helping me to learn this.
    Alone time is helping me learn this.
    Letting myself be sensitive,
    And listening to people who feel similar, is helping me learn this!!!

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