The Real 3 Reasons Matcha Green Tea is Good For You.

Okay so really, What that Matcha do?
 Not to sound like a coffee snob, but to kind of sound like a coffee snob, being a Barista for almost half my life has given me a slight bias when it comes to coffee brands and runner up super stars, such as the Matcha. Making its way to the Red Carpets of our local coffee shops only within the past few years, Matcha (literally meaning Ground- Tea) has actually been produced since about 8th century originating in Japan.
My first experience with this captivating green substance, I must admit, was shamefully a Green Tea Latte in 2010. (Does it count that I made it with soy milk? Lol) Though the sweet thing was delicious and well, sweet, the added milk and sugar to the precious powder couldn’t have possibly reaped its magical benefits on my body. Seems counterproductive. And I am not saying don’t go enjoy you Green Tea Latte, but just be aware that there is an average 230 calorie difference.
The real deal.
Matcha Tea is derived from the same green tea plant, Camellia Sineniss, as your bagged little friends. The difference begins in the growing process and ends in the way in which we consume it. When the plant is young, it’s covered and shaded to keep the production of chlorophyll high. The excess production of chlorophyll is where all the good stuff happens. As the plant begins to bloom in its darkness, the lack of photosynthesis, surprisingly, results in the presense of amazing antioxidant properties. Carrying about 3 X the amount of antioxidants in one cup verses your average green tea bag.
Due to the way we consume the tea, eating the leafs versus drinking steeped leaf water, we are taking in more of the actual benefits of the tea. Now, I had all the intentions of keeping this article nice and short for you, so I will link an abundance of articles about the tea and it’s growing and harvesting methodology. I could go on and on, but really I just don’t want to.
All I want is to do is share the actual 3 reason why this Matcha is important, the only 3 reasons this tea does anything beneficial for you, so without further ado…
So, you know where the magic happens, let’s talk about why it’s so damn good for you.
The 3 things are…
1. Catechins (Anti-oxidant EGCG)
2. L- Theanine
(psychoactive amino acid)
3. Chlorophyll
(the big one no ones talking about)
1. Catechins are flavonoids found in certain foods. Flavonoids are a plants secondary metabolites. Okay, who cares right? This is what they do for you…
– Helps protect your body from free radicals
– Reduces blood pressure and risk of cancer
-Improves memory, eye sight, bone density
2. L- Theanine, now for my gym buffs this name might ring a bell. It can commonly be found in a handful of our supplements. L- Theanine is an amino acid favored for its increased production of Alpha Waves in the brain.
– Aids in prevention of alzhymers and varies brain degenerative diseases
– Mental relaxation
– Lower blood pressure
– Increased alertness and clarity
– Increased mood, concentration and memory
– Provides a slow release of caffeine and gives a sense of “calm” focused energy
Last but not least, my new favorite chemical compound, so under appreciated. With so much potential, I present Chlorophyll.
3. Chlorophyl – “Um, but excuse me Miss Sasha? I’m not a plant.”
Introduced to you by your 3rd grade science teacher as “the thing that makes plants green”, chlorophyll actually does a lot more than that. Say what!? Not only does it convert light into energy, which is pretty cool in of itself, when we as humans consume the compound, we reap many benefits. And it does so much more than I am even going to list, but only because we are on the topic of tea.
– Aids in the release of magnesium in our bodys, helping keep them at an alkaline state
– Anti-aging
– reduces risk of cancer
– promotes heathy digestion
– helps fight bad breath and tooth decay
– hormonal balance
– presence of vitamin K

-help relieve swelling and redness


Now, where can you get it?
I have found the most luck with Matcha Teas from David’s Tea, Teavana, and Mr. The Block Café. I sometimes enjoy mixing various flavors of other teas in with my Matcha to Jazz it up a bit. For example, when I go to Teavana, the White Chocolate Peppermint Black Tea combined with Matcha is amazing. The tea can be very bitter tasting so bring a little Stevia or protein powder to bump the sweet tooth. ❤

If you havhad luck with your Matcha ventures and have any suggestion for me, please let me know!!!

I actually love this link I found on BodyBuilding.com, give this a quick read.
Some Sources to check out


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