Monday Morning: Taking a Step Back

Yesterday I went for a run outside. Okay, so what right? Here’s the shocker, I haven’t ran outside in almost 3 years. Looking at this typed out before me is mind blowing. Running outside was my everything. Here’s why…

1. When I got into fitness out door running was my first plan of action
2. It was my therapy
3. Is was my inspiration
4. It is how I started every day with a clear head and created goals

I felt like I’ve had something missing in my life and I feel like I’ve just reconnected with my inner happiness. When I first started running, I would get up at 5 a.m. and  watching the sun rise, how could I have let this slip out of my life?

So we find ourselves wondering “Why did I stop?” Goals changed and plans changed. I was so focused on the “game training”  I had forgotten about my peace of mind and love for the outdoors. My focus became weight lifting, tread mill HIIT cardio, and the “oh so” coveted stair climber. I became obsessed with the numbers on the machines before me. Obsessed with measuring and controlling.

There is something so special and peaceful about running outside. Alone worth your thoughts, with your breath. No sounds of cardio machines, buttons or slamming weights. It just you and your motivation and the fresh air. Completely free and wild, with no boundaries and no limits.

For me it’s a place to clear my head. Its a place to breathe in the fresh and the new, and release the toxic buildup of stress and negative thoughts. Being outside has always been a place that I have felt at such peace. And on a side note, the feeling of submerging into water is just a whole other topic for a whole other day. But, it is the little things like this that that I have forgotten. It is the little things like this that I have unintentionally removed from my life. It is amazing that one small change has made me feel so high and lifted. How I am feeling right now I don’t think I could express in words, it’s euphoric.

… I have that feeling of excitement you get when you run into an old friend that you haven’t seen in a long time and you are just so excited to be in their presence that you just absolutely have to know everything that that have been up, even though you are both most likely in a rush so you are talking very fast trying your best to catch up…..

Phew, that was wordy. *wipes sweat from forehead*

This morning I was able to reconnect with myself. Able to tune out and disconnect but remain present. I remember taking in all the beautiful things around me, seeing new plants, trees. Taking notice in the growth of the world around me on these paths I haven’t traveled in so long.

I felt so inspired and uplifted. I am feeling so happy and motivated that I just had to sit down and type my thoughts to share with you. If you are reading this, know that I am writing this because I want you to be happy and motivated too. I want to blast every ray of sunshine on those of you who are struggling to be happy and find motivation. The world has so much to offer you, but it’s hidden, like the Laberythn. There are so many open doors open for you, it just hard to see them. And sometimes to move forward, you need to take a step back. For instance, going for a run outside after 3 years.



4 thoughts on “Monday Morning: Taking a Step Back

  1. Wow! Simply incredible!! The art of storytelling is one of the sacred arts of all time – some of the highest praised Ted Talks of all time were those in which the speaker told a story, as opposed to mundane information & monotonous facts & statistics – and you, my friend, do it effortlessly. I love the adjectives & discriptive words that you used to give us a clear, vibrant picture of what you where trying to convey!

    I just started running before the Mr. Olympia, Las Vegas 2016, & have been running since. (Weekdays only.) It certainly is, as you put it, “euphoric.” I’ve recently, gone to a new routine, for now, of mostly calisthenics exercises & workouts & I can see & feel the different affects it has on my body, as opposed to strictly weight-training. I think I am going to stick with calisthenics for a while, but I will eventually go back to weight training. (Gotta switch it up.)

    Anyways, thank you for sharing your story! It is just the motivation I need as I get ready to do some quick studying, & then go on my daily jog at noon. (5 laps around my block.) You’ve also given me more motivation to start my blog! I think I will start it on Sun. or Mon. …Anyhow, thanks again!!

    Your Metabolic Teammate,
    Ian “Positive Tos” Santos

    (P.S. My only word of advise: before publishing, always go back & proofread your work for errors. I myself just went back & read over my comment & noticed a couple mistakes of my own. ; ))


    1. Ian,
      Thank you so much your beautiful insight on my post. It means a lot to reach you through my writing. It is a passion of mine and to being able to share my voice and make positive connection brings so much happiness into my life.

      Thank you 🙂


  2. I never do or read blogs, but I am so glad I read this! I used to do track at school and I have honestly always loved running. I have been wanting to start again for the exact reasons you mentioned. To be outside is my favorite thing and it certainly feels euphoric, which I miss more than anything! I will be starting to run early mornings soon, thanks for the extra boost to get me going. Looking forward to that first day and feeling amazing again. ❤


    1. Hey Maureen!

      I am so sorry I am just seeing your comment. I am very new to blogging and am still getting the hang of “beyond posting” interactions! I am so happy that what I wrote helped move you, it makes me happier to hear that I could possibly express. Have you started running again? I would love to hear about your experience as you step back onto the streets and reconnecting with the pavement!

      I hope to hear from you soon!!


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